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Ein paar Minuten mit...

der Interview-Podcast mit interessanten Gästen aus unterschiedlichen kreativen Bereichen.

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Moderation: Ben Murphy

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Aug 9, 2018

A Few Minutes With... Justin Petersen

„I don’t believe in days off - I’m doing what I love“


This is an interview of firsts:

My 1st interview in English

My 1st interview recorded in a car (we were not driving)

I met with Justin during D-Town Swing ( to talk about his love for music and his work ethic.

Talking to Justin was very inspiring and motivating for myself.

It encouraged me a lot to keep up the work with my blog and podcast.

I hope we are able to transport this in our short interview and make all you listeners go out and do/create/produce whatever you have in your mind. 


If you want to contact Justin or follow him on his travels around the world click on the links below:





And here are Justin’s All-Time-Favourite songs:

Thomas Rhett - Sixteen

Nat King Cole - Let There Be Love


Listen to the interview on: